Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Joe Atencia

Hello Art Lovers.

A few weeks ago we featured an artist we are awfully proud to have at our humble gallery, Mr. Joe Atencia.

Since we have featured him on the blog, I have received over 10,000 cards, letters and emails asking for more of Joe’s art.

Now as you all know I am a man who likes to please the adoring public.

Nothing that my loyal art lovers ask shall go unheeded.

I will always do my best to bring you, the art loving public, what you demand.

I will scour the four corners of the earth, even though it is round and does not have any corners, to bring you great art.

I will boldly go where no man has gone before (except for the crew of the USS Enterprise) to make sure that you, my art loving friends, can see the very best art our planet has to offer.

So now, in the spirit of public service, the spirit of giving, the spirit of knowing that you have made many people happy, I now present art by Mr. Joe Atencia.

Nullius in verba.

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