Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Great Art By Paul Parker

Art Lovers, hello and welcome to this week’s Urban Paradise Art Gallery blog.

Today we will be bringing you fantastic artwork from a home grown genius, Paul Parker.

Peter Parker may be Spiderman, swinging around New York fighting crime but Paul Parker is the man when it comes to original Australian art and it is a crime not to have his new art swinging from our gallery walls.

Paul’s art has always been a favourite for art lovers who come into the gallery and his paintings sell like bottles of Perrier in the desert.

Enjoy the samples here art lovers and don’t forget to come down to the gallery to see these wonderful paintings live and in colour.

Nullius in verba

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Interview With A Ghost

Hello Art Lovers.

You may remember that on April 2 of this year a group of ghosts were photographed inside the Urban Paradise Art Gallery admiring the works of art inside.

Well it would seem that our other worldly friends are back and they agreed to sit down for a friendly chat and photo session.

According to the eldest ghost, Ajax, the fantastic pieces of art that are on show at the gallery have achieved fame around the world.

Ajax claims that while he was haunting a house in Coney Island, located in New York, the owners came back with a painting they had purchased from our gallery on the Gold Coast.

Ajax loved the original Australian art so much he had to make his way over here on a magic carpet to see all the art for himself. According to Ajax the carpet was specially made for Jatavarman Sundara Pandyan who reigned in India from 1251 to 1268. The King was renowned for reviving the Pandyan glory and was considered one of the greatest conquerors of Southren India.

Ajax claimed he won the carpet in a card game in Brooklyn but what this priceless carpet would be doing in Brooklyn is anybody’s guess.

Delphine, the youngest ghost, was haunting the Ch√Ęteau de Versailles or the Palace of Versailles, a royal chateau in the Ile-de Francelle region of France. She was playing practical jokes on the American tourists when she overheard two Australian artists talking about the Urban Paradise Art Gallery. She floated over to them and saw the beautiful pieces of art from the gallery they had on their phone cameras. Delphine was so taken by the art that she floated on the first plane to the Gold Coast to see the art for herself.

She met up with Ajax at an April fools party and two hit it off. They plan on getting married this Halloween in France and taking up residence in Versailles. When asked about their age difference Delphine responded, “I don’t care if he is 107 years older than me, we are in love, like Bogart and Bacall.”

Orville the third ghost is quiet and keeps to himself. Orville is a tremendous wrestling fan and travels around the world with the WWE haunting arenas that they hold there shows in. Orville’s favourite wrestler is ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair. Whoooooooo shouts Orville in tribute to his all time favourite, “that’s the way I like to haunt places.” “I come in at shout Whoooooo as loud as I can and the crowd always responds by shouting Whoooooo back at me.” “It is a lot of fun.”

Orville first heard about our gallery from WWE fans who are also lovers of original Australian art. The art lovers spoke so highly of the Urban Paradise Art Gallery that Orville just had to see the place for himself. He met Ajax and Delphine at the same April fools party and the three of them came down to the gallery to see the beautiful art after dark.

They loved what they saw and decided that they would stay on the Gold Coast for a while and haunt the gallery.

Well I’m sure I speak for everybody when I say that we are happy to have them haunt the Urban Paradise Art Gallery. So the next time you drop in say hi to Ajax, Delphine and Orville and maybe you will get a Whooooo in response.

Nullius in verba

Ajax on the far right back, Delphine in the middle and Orville on left in front.

Delphine poses for a photo.

Orville and his favourite painting.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

New Art At The Gallery

Hello and welcome Art Lovers to the first blog of June.

Today we will be showing off some new art work that is gracing the gallery’s wall this week.

We also have two special photos taken from an outside view of the gallery by an art lover who visited the gallery after hours.

I hope you enjoy these fine photos.

Wait, what was that sound?

Chains and laughing!

I think the ghosts might be back, excuse me while I check this out.

Until next week art lovers, enjoy the photos.

Nullius in verba

These first four paintings were done by Inessa Ivascania.

This painting was done by Paul Colby.

This painting was done by Paul Everest.

And these last two photos were sent to me by an art lover who asked me if I would put them in the blog.

Well art lover, I said I would and I am a man of my word.


Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Grade A Art From Cyrille Philippot

Hello Art Lovers

What a wonderful day to go to the art gallery and look at new artwork.

Today we are bringing, into your living rooms, masterwork from master artist Cyrille Philippot.

Cyrille has a fantastic eye for details that come out in each and every one of his  brushstrokes.

Believe me when I say these pictures do not do these fine works of art proper justice.

You must come to the gallery and see these paintings live and up close to really appreciate Cyrille’s talent.

If you love great art, make it a priority to come in to the gallery this week to see Cyrille’s Masterworks for yourself.

Nullius in verba