Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Billy Freedom.. Global Sensation

Hello Art Lovers

I have been doing this blog for a year now and I have seen out local artist’s popularity grow in different countries around the world.

It is always great to know that our little art gallery is an intercontinental champion among art galleries.

Billy Freedom is one of the reasons why our art gallery holds the intercontinental championship.

I posted pictures of her art in the blog on September 8 of this year.

Since that posting I have received over 50,000 requests to put more of her art on the blog.

Billy’s fans have filled up my business email as well as given my local postman a bad back with all their cards and letters demanding more Billy Freedom.

So, by popular demand, here is more of the talented artist you the fans have demanded…Billy Freedom

Nullius in verba.

1 comment:

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