Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Chris Williams Super Artist

Hello Art Lovers.

Who paints faster than a speeding bullet, has work more powerful than a locomotive, and has artwork hanging in tall buildings from here to Krypton?

The answer to all three questions is our local genius, Chris Williams.

Every week I am flooded with mail. People from Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Tokyo, New York, London, San Francisco, Hamburg and as far away as Unalaska, Alaska have been demanding to see more of the hard hitting genius of our local super artist Chris Williams.

People have testified about how his work has changed the very fabric of their lives.

They look at his work and feel the creative genius flowing through their own veins.

Some begin painting, some sculpting and some even take up needlepoint.

The bottom line is that a Chris Williams painting shows you the beauty of life and how good life can be. It makes people believe in themselves and others. It makes the world turn from black and white to 40 shades of green and that is some powerful stuff art lovers.

This week I proudly present the genius of super artist Chris Williams.

Nullius in verba.

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