Tuesday, 28 April 2015

F Ceramics Australian Made Masterpieces

F Ceramics was founded in Queensland Australia, by an artist who likes to stay anonymous. 

“I create hand made ceramic pieces of art for your home and tableware’s for cafes, restaurants, homes and offices. Creating ceramics for me is passion. It is also my way of relaxing in my own world where serenity rules. It is a delicate balance of hobby vs. work and I love it this way”
Originally from Melbourne, Mr F as he likes to be called, began his career by accident when he was a teenager. 

One day in class the teacher asked him to have a go at ceramics. In front of the class, with no experience, he created a small sugar bowl with excellent results. From that day on he was hooked on creating ceramics. 

Mr. F still has that very first sugar bowl he ever made.

Mr F studied and practiced as much as possible and mastered the art of creating ceramics.

He sold some of his pieces to family and friends, but mostly he gave them away as gifts.

However change was on the horizon.

Mr. F moved from Melbourne to the sunny state of Queensland and met his partner Josephine. She encouraged him to take his 30 year passion for ceramics to the next level. 

Mr F is now booked full with commissions and his work is stocked at various home wares stores throughout Australia as well as a certain art gallery in the heart of Surfers Paradise!

F Ceramics can create:
* Plates
* Platters
* Bowls
* Display pieces
* Presentation or Centre Pieces for that special occasion i.e. dinner parties, table settings for Christmas, weddings etc
* Bathroom Basins/Vanities
* Candle Holders/ Incense Burners
* Abstract Art
* Vases

All F ceramics are
*  Thrown by hand
*  Glazed by hand
* Made on the Gold Coast, Queensland – AUSTRALIAN MADE
* Each piece is taken with such love and care
* Each piece is kept to its originality
* Thrown by hand and glazed accordingly by the artist.
* Each piece is numbered and not one piece is duplicated, except for restaurant and large plate sets which are duplicated for larger jobs
* We offer complimentary consultations and advice.

 Commissions are welcomed!!!

“We were asked to make ceramic crosses for a client whose home decor required hundreds of different crosses on their display wall art in their home, the finished product looked amazing.”... Mr. F

Josephine says “If F Ceramics cannot make it, it cannot be made”.

If you wish purchase or commission your very own ceramic you may choose from the following list of options.

 * We can take your order from Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Urban-Paradise/651537288266372?fref=ts
* Urban Paradise Art Gallery where you can choose from the many pieces on show.
* Call the artist direct

Agent Josephine
M: 0402 888 900

 Nullius in verba

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