Thursday, 2 April 2015

This Might Be The First Clear Picture Of A Haunting On Planet Earth!!!

This breaking news story just in.

The Urban Paradise Art Gallery is being haunted by the spirits of great artists.

They have been seen roaming through the gallery at midnight, admiring the artwork that is being shown inside.

A lucky tourist managed to take a picture of these ghosts and we will share that picture with you on this very blog!!

This might be the first actual photograph of a supernatural event anywhere on the planet at any point in time of its existence!

The earth, according to Radiometric dating, is 4.54 + 0.05 Billion Years Old!!

This amazing picture is the first of its kind in all that time!!!

Yes In all those billions and billions of years there has never been a photograph such as the one you are about to see right here on this very blog!!!

You lucky viewers of this blog are among the first humans to view this historical event and should be proud.

Without further ado, here is the first clear and concise picture of an actual haunting taking place inside the Urban Paradise Art Gallery.

 Nullius in verba

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