Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Great New Artist At The Gallery Inessa Ivascania

Hello Art Lovers.

Today’s blog contains works of art from an exciting new artist here at the gallery.

Her name is Inessa Ivascania and you are going to want to see her beautiful works of art for yourself.

I love her paintings. They remind me of when I am sitting at home watching world tour cycling and the network is showing you the most beautiful and hidden parts of the host country.

I was drawn to her work the moment I entered the gallery today and could not wait to get them uploaded for everyone to enjoy.

Now as I stated before I am not a professional photographer so my camera does not do her talent justice.

To really enjoy these works of art, you must come down to the Urban Paradise Art Gallery and see them for yourself.

Goodbye for now Art Lovers, I shall speak to you soon.

Nullius in verba

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