Wednesday, 29 July 2015

A Tribite To The Tour De France

Hello Art Lovers.

This week a reader of the blog, who missed out on the question and answer session last week, wrote in with their thoughts on one of our paintings.

A Mrs. Teasdale wrote in saying how she was visiting our gallery and saw the most beautiful painting she has seen in some time. The painting was done by one of our local artists, Inessa Ivascania, and it struck Mrs. Teasdale quite deeply. I will post her letter, with her permission, right here in this week’s blog so you can see how things turned out. 

Dear Mr. Carmen, if that is your real name, you can’t be too sure these days.
Anyway as I was about to say before I became side tracked as to the validity of your name, I have some what of a story to tell you concerning the above painting which hangs inside of the Urban Paradise Art Gallery in Surfer’s Paradise on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

I was visiting your lovely gallery about a month ago when I noticed a rather beautiful painting hanging to my left. The colours were so beautiful as was every morsel of detail inside the painting that I could not help thinking of that brilliant bicycle race they have in France every year around this time. Oh what lovely scenery and bright colours line the road side as I watch the race on my television set at home with my husband who always falls asleep during the individual stages and snores like a runaway train. One of these days I’m going to get myself some steel wool and sew his lips together..sorry I digress. Now I am certainly not a woman who lets flights of fancy dictate her every move I’ll have you know, although there was this one time in Jamaica when I met this rather nice bus boy at one of the local eateries but I digress again.

Upon viewing this wonderful piece of art for almost an hour I decided it was time that I stopped watching the race on my television set with my husband and lived a dream I have had for a great many years, I was going to the Tour De France in person mind you.

Well Mr. Carmen, if that is your real name, I had a grand time at the world famous race. I watched André Greipel, my favourite sprinter, win the first of his four stages at Zeeland. 

I travelled all over the beautiful country side, meeting new people and watching this wonderful race. I remember I some how got stuck in the Dutch corner on the last mountain stage on the Alpe d’Huez and had an absolutely wonderful time with the Dutch supporters, all dressed in their orange for William & Mary you know.

I was happy when André Greipel won the sprint in Paris but also a little sad that it was all over. I had such a wonderful time and it was all because of the beauty and realism of the painting I saw inside your wonderful gallery.

I would like to thank the talented artist who painted that masterpiece for giving me the inspiration to travel and finally see a race I have wanted to see for some time.

Good night Mr. Carmen, if that is your real name, and nullius in verba yourself.

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