Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Pormpuraaw Art & Story

Hello Art Lovers.

As you know the Urban Paradise Art Gallery is hosting aboriginal art from Pormpuraaw this week.

I decided to include on today’s blog a story that was told to be by a man in this community about the creation of the moon.

There are also some pictures from the art exhibition for you to enjoy.

If you enjoy aboriginal art, come down to the gallery in Surfer’s Paradise and see it for yourself. 

You will be happy you did.

Nullius in verba.

Thaayorre Moon Creation Story.

There were many young people throwing boomerangs into the night sky. They kept throwing them , but none could get their boomerangs to stick in the sky. An old crippled man lived in the community. People thought he would be unable to throw the boomerangs as well as everybody else. The young people asked him to try. The first two times he threw the boomerang it came back to him and he caught it. The third time he threw the boomerang, it got caught in the sky and turned into the moon. The moon brightens the night and makes the tides. When we see the moon we think about that old man and thank him. Crippled people are capable of many things and make valuable contributions to their communities.

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