Thursday, 20 October 2016

Renee Doyle; Photographer Extraordinaire

Hello Art Lovers.

Ansel Adams, Richard Avedon, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Annie Leibovitz, Dorothea Lange, Diane Arbus, Imogen Cunningham, Mary Ellen Mark, Berenice Abbott, Ellen von Unwerth, André Kertész, Arthur Fellig, Edward Weston and Anne Geddes.

These well-known names are symbols of excellence in the world of photography.

It is time to add one more name to this illustrious list.

Renee Doyle.

Since Renee has begun exhibiting her photographs inside the Urban Paradise Art Gallery, art lovers from all over the world have been coming to marvel at their beauty.

Renee’s photographs have been featured in several UK and Australian newspapers, and are world famous for their beauty and realism.

Renee’s interests include twilight cityscapes and reflections, nature and landscapes, wildlife and conceptual photo composites.

‘My love for taking photographs and creating conceptual photos continues to grow.  There is always so much to learn, so much worth seeing and capturing. Each photograph is a capture of a single moment in time, a moment that can never be repeated. My passion for each genre runs deep and encompasses me completely. For example; when I am in Africa I am totally absorbed by the wildlife surrounding me, nothing else exists. Afterword I can return to Australia to photograph, and be equally captivated by the beautiful scenery and wildlife surrounding me here in the same way. Each image ends up having an emotional attachment that rekindles the moment that it was captured or created.’

Renee is currently co-leading two workshops. 

The first will travel to Carnevale di Venezia, an annual festival held in Venice. 

The second will take interested parties to New Zealand during Autumn. 

Both workshops promise to be a fun, educational experience.

Renee also does private photography shoots, one on one and gives Photoshop lessons for those who wish to learn.

You can see more of Renee’s beautiful photographs on the following websites;


She is also featured on this blog;

Renee is not only a great photographer, she is a warm caring person who loves to share pieces of herself with others.

‘I enjoy sharing my passion and my knowledge with others who share the same love of photography. I also enjoy sharing the beauty that I am fortunate enough to see with those that may not be able to travel as much as I am currently able to.’

Tess Flanders, in an article discussing journalism and publicity in 1911, was quoted as saying;

‘Use a picture. It's worth a thousand words.’

I believe Tess was right. 

Nullius in verba.

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