Tuesday, 9 June 2015

New Art At The Gallery

Hello and welcome Art Lovers to the first blog of June.

Today we will be showing off some new art work that is gracing the gallery’s wall this week.

We also have two special photos taken from an outside view of the gallery by an art lover who visited the gallery after hours.

I hope you enjoy these fine photos.

Wait, what was that sound?

Chains and laughing!

I think the ghosts might be back, excuse me while I check this out.

Until next week art lovers, enjoy the photos.

Nullius in verba

These first four paintings were done by Inessa Ivascania.

This painting was done by Paul Colby.

This painting was done by Paul Everest.

And these last two photos were sent to me by an art lover who asked me if I would put them in the blog.

Well art lover, I said I would and I am a man of my word.


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