Friday, 13 February 2015

Beautiful Work From Romy Berjot

Hello art lovers

Today we will be looking at some exciting new art from one of our top artists.

Romy Berjot is a hard worker whose dedication to her craft comes out in all the art she creates.

Today we will be showcasing what this talented artist can do with ordinary furniture.

Here is Romy’s own feelings on her art. 

"With my love odd disregarded rejected, outgrown furniture and with
inspiration stemming from 1960's & 70's psychedelia I love the loudness that I can bring to the pieces.”

”Then on the opposite scale the subdued tones of times gone by with the
shabbiness of furniture stained, worn and loved.”

As you can see Romy is quite the talent.

Come on down to the gallery if you would like to see more of her unique art work.

Nullius in verba

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